WRA Governance Structure Overview

At its January 2019 meeting, the WRA board of directors adopted the first significant set of changes to the organization’s governance structure in 23 years. The changes were recommended by a special task force that met in 2018. The changes retain the WRA’s unique board structure, which includes representation from the largest statewide companies; the largest regional companies; regional representatives; the executive committee; and representatives of the past chairs as well as at-large, related industry directors. In total, the WRA board will now consist of 26 instead of 36 members.

In addition to a smaller board, the regions used to establish regional representation have changed from seven to five regions, illustrated by the maps below. Regions with 2,500 members and fewer will be allocated one director seat, and regions with 2,501 or more members will receive two director seats.

The goal of the restructure is to reflect changes in regional marketplaces and how our members conduct their business. Moreover, the changes will facilitate a more interactive, strategically focused board of directors to lead the WRA.

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2018 Gov Map

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