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Keynote Speakers

Michael Staver

Convention Speaker
  • How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Terry Watson

Convention Speaker
  • I Smell What You're Stepping In

Workshop and Class Instructors

Ernie Bottom

Speaking on:
  • Introduction to RPR Commercial

Amy Broghamer

Speaking on:
  • Building a Relationship-based Business: Client Events and Personal Connections
  • Creating Your Pre-listing Package
  • Tech that Enhances the Client Experience

Clara Capano

Speaking on:
  • Ninja Selling

KC Conway

Speaking on:
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • How's Your Economy & Real Estate Eyesight

Antoine Dupont

Speaking on:
  • How to Boost Your Website Conversion
  • The Orange Basket Method: How to Grow Your Business with Video Marketing Fast
  • The Orange Basket Video Marketing Workshop

Abhi Golhar

Speaking on:
  • How to Launch Your Podcast in Three Hours or Less
  • Make it Rain: Real Estate Investing for Real Estate Agents
  • Untapped Opportunities for a Lifetime of Leads

Chandra Hall

Speaking on:
  • Conversion Scripts that Work
  • Master Multiple Offers
  • Real Estate Systems to Minimize Time and Maximize Money

Meagan Johnson

Speaking on:
  • Zap the Generational Gap! Connecting Through Generational Lines
  • Zap the Generational Gap! No Mutiny on My Watch
  • Zap the Generational Gap! Success Through Flexible Communications Channels

Cori Lamont

Speaking on:
  • Where Opportunity Meets Intent: New Tools for Transactions - Opportunity Zones and Letters of Intent

Jennifer Lindsley

Speaking on:
  • Real Estate CE Course 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts
  • Where Opportunity Meets Intent: New Tools for Transactions - Opportunity Zones and Letters of Intent

Jeremias Maneiro

Speaking on:
  • Blockchains and Crypto Currency: Hype or History in the Making?
  • Commercial Tech Tools
  • Google Sweet!
  • LIVE Video Success Systems
  • New Millennium Broker Management
  • Social Media Mastery

Melanie McLane

Speaking on:
  • Appraisal CE: Hybrid Appraisals
  • Appraisal CE: Smart Homes
  • It's Not Rocket Science, It's Just Real Estate!
  • What's It Worth?

Jonathan M Sayas

Speaking on:
  • Real Estate CE Course 5: Wisconsin Real Estate Law and Practice

Michael G Sewell

Speaking on:
  • Real Estate CE Course 2: Wisconsin Offers to Purchase

Michael Staver

Speaking on:
  • Winning Is No Accident

The Boom Team

Speaking on:
  • 7.5 Personal Jedi Tricks to Ignite Your Business
  • Curating Fantastic Team Culture
  • The 3 Vs: Vision, Value and VIPs

Terry Watson

Speaking on:
  • Avoiding Data Security Roadkill

Nelson Zide

Speaking on:
  • How to Keep Your Agents and Your Sanity
  • Seven Activities You Need to do to Build and Grow Your Business

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