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Reduce costs, save time and better serve your customers throughout the document signing process with zipLogix Digital Ink, the WRA’s newest member benefit for digital signatures.

Developed by the creators of zipForm, zipLogix Digital Ink ensures that all document data and the digital signature are protected throughout the entire “signed, sealed and delivered” online process. Digital signatures permanently secure the identity of signers and the document’s content. The signer’s digital identity is referenced within the digital signature at the time of signing. Once a document has been signed, its integrity is permanently protected; any attempt at changing the data or tampering with the signature(s) would automatically and visibly invalidate the document.

Digital signatures revolutionize the customer experience. They offer your customers a truly paperless electronic process that can be trusted. Today’s tech-savvy customers are not interested in printing, faxing or shipping documents or worse yet, driving to your location. The fully automated, straight-through processing enabled by digital signatures creates an additional competitive advantage all while reducing time, lowering costs and increasing compliance rates. 

How do I get zipLogix Digital Ink?

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