Real Estate Sales Pre-license Education Common Questions

General questions

What material is covered in the real estate pre-license course, and how can I take the course?  

Course content includes property ownership, land use controls and regulations, valuation and market analysis, financing, laws of agency, mandated disclosures, contracts, transfer of property and mathematics.

The WRA offers the course in several education formats. Students can enroll in the WRA's live eight-day course when available. Visit the WRA course catalog online to see if this course is scheduled soon.

The WRA also offers the course in On Demand and online formats: 

  • Self-study On Demand: This course is entirely online and consists of video lectures with a printable PDF course book. Each chapter includes slideshow presentations to accompany the videos as well as true/false and vocabulary exercises, case studies and chapter quizzes. After completing the required assignments, students will take a practice exam for course completion and print their certificate.
  • Self-study online course: The online self-study course contains 14 chapters and consists of reading materials from hard-copy books as well as online activities such as true/false exercises, vocabulary and case studies to measure comprehension. Students can also test their knowledge with online quizzes and a mock exam before the actual state exam. Upon course completion, students will take a final practice exam and print your certificate.   

How can I prepare for the Wisconsin licensing exam?  

In addition to completing the education requirements, students not already enrolled in a WRA sales pre-license course can purchase access to a simulated exam and/or a vocabulary tool to help with additional test preparation.

What if I fail the state exam? Do I need to complete the course again?  

If you have completed the WRA's pre-license course and failed the licensing exam, you may retake any portion of the course within six months of first completing the course, at no charge.

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