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Your weekly guide to hot topics and trending thoughts in the industry. Take a quick break every Thursday and learn on the fly. 

From touring a property to drafting an offer to marketing your listing, real estate keeps you on your feet! Need a little breather? Thursday Takeaways give you a quick break and quick insight, all delivered online once a week. Check out some of Wisconsin's brightest minds in real estate, including WRA Attorney Jennifer Lindsley, WRA VP of Marketing and Communications Rob Uhrina, mortgage loan officer Sara Whitley and many more hosts on the way.

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Featured Videos

Protected Buyers? More Like Protected Commission. Come listen to a couple scenarios where an agent’s actions jeopardized a listing firm’s ability to pursue a seller for a commission when the property sold to a protected buyer.

Did your seller have a bad experience with another agent? Is your seller restricting your cooperation with other agents or firms? Learn how to handle this without alienating other agents or firms in your market.

Internet footprints and negative online commentary can last a lifetime, making online reputation management a critical component for maintaining a positive image of your business online. Learn inside tips on how the pros monitor online chatter with Google and harvest positive reviews on LinkedIn without asking for them.

This is winter, right? It’s bound to get cold eventually. Steve Pipson from Focus on Energy offers strategies to share with your first-time homeowners about how to keep energy costs low while keeping their house safe and comfortable this winter.

The real estate industry has been vulnerable to wire transfer fraud. Lisa Scoble with Pearl Insurance explores common wire fraud schemes and offers cybersecurity tips to ensure your clients’ money doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

To cure or not to cure? That is the question. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages or giving or withholding a right to cure and how this provision in the Inspection Contingency influences negotiations between buyers and sellers.

Is your listing ready to show? REALTOR® Beth Jaworski shows you how to create great first impressions and lasting impressions that stand out to buyers.

Join Metro MLS President & CEO Chris Carrillo as he covers everything you should know about MLS policy surrounding delayed listings and withholding listings and what it means for your business.

With the new offer available, the WRA’s Legal Hotline has started to get questions about the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA). Join Jennifer to hear the most common FIRPTA questions coming to the Legal Hotline. [November 28, 2019]

From mileage to closing gifts and more, you have lots of business expenses as a REALTOR®. In this Thursday Takaways episode, REALTOR® Beth Jaworski reviews ways to stretch your dollar to ultimately keep more cash in your pocket. [November 20, 2019]

Designations are more than just alphabet soup after your name. Find out in this Thursday Takeaways video with host, trainer and REALTOR® Bonnie Dixon how designations help enhance your professional image and increase your income. [November 14, 2019]

Have you heard about the new MLS measure from NAR? Video host and Metro MLS President & CEO Chris Carrillo explains what you can expect to see with NAR's new MLS initiatives. [November 7, 2019]

Join WRA attorney Tracy "Bob Ross" Rucka for the recent special Halloween edition of Thursday Takeaways. Tracy/Bob will paint a picture of professionalism and explore how to raise the bar in the industry. [October 31, 2019]

The buyer and seller disagree on the meaning of defect. Now what? Video host and WRA attorney Jennifer Lindsley previews some options for your parties to hopefully keep them out of court when they disagree about defects. [October 24, 2019]

Credit can be nasty. Clean it up! Mortgage loan officer Sara Whitley offers tips for cleaning up and improving credit so your clients can leave nasty, dirty credit behind. [October 17, 2019]

Are you drowning in passwords? Learn best practices for creating hacker-proof passwords (and remembering them) with WRA Marketing VP Rob Uhrina. [October 10, 2019]

How much do you kn​ow about the revisions to the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase? Video host and WRA attorney Jennifer Lindsley offers you a quick update on the changes you'll see on the WB-11 form. [October 3, 2019]

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