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QS101 - Laws and Contracts
Quick Start Course 101 — Laws and Contracts will lead you through a discussion of fair housing and how it affects your marketing and services. Learn tips to avoid anti-trust violations while drafting enforceable contracts. Use your knowledge of laws and contracts to explore ways to contain your risk. Additionally, this course reviews the negotiation process and considers how your in-depth knowledge of contracts will give you a competitive edge in your negotiation.
QS102 - Building Your Business
Quick Start Course 102 — Building Your Business will take you beyond the legal education and give you real-world, usable tools to start building your business. Get tips from an industry leader on prospecting, budgeting and business strategy. Evaluate your image and branding as part of your marketing scheme. You'll also be able to download pre-programed spreadsheets to use to start building your business budget and tracking your expenses.
QS103 - Working with Sellers
Quick Start Course 103 — Working with Sellers gives you an in-depth look on everything you need to know when working with sellers, from selecting your seller to educating the seller on principles of pricing. In Quick Start 103, you'll work through a model comparative market analysis to see if you can pick up any pointers for your own practice. Review different conversation strategies when talking with a seller and see how other agents answered difficult questions asked by a seller. Use the downloadable, customizable worksheet to create a moving checklist for your sellers. Click and point through a home to get tips on home staging.
QS104 - Working with Buyers
Quick Start Course 104 — Working with Buyers will lead you through everything you need to know when working with buyers. Knowing your buyers and anticipating their questions and needs can help you help them find the right property. You can download customizable worksheets to create custom tools for your buyers, like a buyer needs analysis, inspector information, and home and pest inspection. Finally, this course explores the negotiation process and defines important terms used in the process.

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