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 Wisconsin REALTORS® Association Logos*
Landscape logo (jpg) (gif)  (eps)      
Vertical logo (jpg) (gif) (eps)  
Square logo (jpg) (gif)  (eps)    
REALTOR® Logos**          
Black and white (jpg) (gif) (eps)    Downloadable REALTOR Logo - Sample Image
Blue and white (jpg) (gif)    
Blue and gold (jpg) (gif)    
Affiliation Logos**          
MLS service mark in blue (jpg) (gif) (eps)   Downloadable Affiliate Logo - Sample Image 
MLS service mark in white (jpg) (gif) (eps)  
Equal opportunity housing (jpg) (gif) (eps)    

Understanding image formats

  • JPG: Suitable for websites and smaller printed materials. 
  • GIF: Images are transparent, and EPS files are for large printed materials such as banners or posters. Both GIF and JPG images can be made smaller without losing quality, but the more the size is increased the size the grainier the image will appear. 
  • EPS: Able to be resized indefinitely. Images in EPS format require an advanced program like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to edit.

* For WRA logo usage guidelines, click here.

** For REALTOR® logo usage guidelines, review the National Association of REALTORS®' (NAR) Membership Marks Manual. Additional logos are available on NAR's Logos and Trademark Rules page online: click here.

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