Legal Action Fund

The Legal Action Fund is a segregated fund of the WRA, earmarked for the purposes and goals of the Legal Action Program. The Legal Action Committee administers the Legal Action Fund and authorizes disbursements to implement the program's objectives.

How is the Legal Action Program funded?
The Legal Action Fund is financed with allocations from annual WRA dues and with occasional special dues assessments. In other words, the Legal Action Program is one of the many superb WRA programs and benefits financed by WRA dues dollars.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the Legal Action Fund? The fund may not be used to pay any judgment for damages or fines, or any other award of damages whether it is by judgment or settlement. The Legal Action Program generally does not pay the litigation expenses of a REALTOR® or another party.

How are funds disbursed from the Legal Action Fund?
The Legal Action Committee authorizes disbursements from the Legal Action Fund for Legal Action Program cases. However, the WRA executive committee and board of directors also have authority to give initial approval in some special circumstances.

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