Legal Action Application Process

If you have a potential Legal Action case you would like to discuss prior to application, contact Debbi Conrad, Senior Attorney and Director of Legal Affairs, at the WRA:

 phone: 608-241-2047
 fax: 608-242-2279
 mail: Legal Action Program
4801 Forest Run Road, Suite 201
Madison, WI  53704-7337

How do you apply for Legal Action assistance?

  1. Complete the Legal Action Program application form. It may be advantageous to have the attorney who is working on the case complete the form. Make sure the application clearly states what type of assistance is desired and any applicable dates and deadlines.
  2. Include a copy of all relevant court decisions, briefs, exhibits and correspondence with the application.
  3. Include a statement explaining how the applicant's case meets the case evaluation criteria.

What happens after my application is submitted? 

Upon receipt, the WRA legal department staff will review your application and accompanying materials and make its recommendations to the Legal Action Committee. The committee will meet to discuss the case and make its decision.

What criteria are applied in making the decision?

The WRA Legal Action Committee typically considers the following factors in determining whether a case is suitable for Legal Action involvement:

  • Does the case involve legal principles that significantly affect REALTORS®?
  • Might the outcome of the case establish an important legal precedent for the real estate industry?
  • Will the participation of the WRA via the Legal Action Program likely increase the probability of a favorable outcome or to lessen the probability of an unfavorable result for the real estate industry?
  • Are the applicant's goals consistent with WRA policy?
  • Is there actual litigation? Has a lawsuit been filed, or will an impending lawsuit be filed in court or before an administrative agency?
  • Is the applicant asking for assistance that the Legal Action Program reasonably can provide: legal or other research, identification of expert witnesses, brief and/or oral argument as an amicus curiae (friend of the court), participation in a coalition of similarly situated parties, or participation as a party in litigation?

How long does the decision process take? 

Generally it will take two to three weeks for this review and decision process. Applicants should allow as much time as possible.

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