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Legislative Alert: Four Supreme Court Cases Victorious for Wisconsin Homeowners (Suggested Result)

The WRA Legal Action Program filed amicus curiae briefs, or ‚Äúfriend of the court‚ÄĚ briefs, in four cases providing arguments in support of private property rights and fair treatment in the development process.

WRA Legislative Alert: WRA Legislative Agenda Passes Both Houses of the Wisconsin Legislature (Suggested Result)

The WRA's remaining legislative priorities for the 2017-18 legislative session successfully passed in the Wisconsin Legislature before the legislature concluded its session last month.

WRA Legislative Alert: Housing Affordability Bill Passes in Wisconsin Legislature (Suggested Result)

AB 770, which addresses local fees, requires regulation audits and incentives development, is currently waiting for Gov. Walker's signature.

On The Clock: The WRA's Remaining Legislative Priorities (Suggested Result)

Some legislation still remains.


WRA Legislative Alert: New Legislation Aims to Enhance Real Estate-related Reports (Suggested Result)

The WRA is working on legislation that will provide a more user-friendly report for a seller to complete.

WRA Legislative Alert: Landlord/Tenant Bill Introduced in Wisconsin Legislature (Suggested Result)

SB 639/AB 771, which will address a variety of important issues related to landlord/tenant law, has been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature.

WRA Legislative Alert: Condominium Bill Advances in the Legislature (Suggested Result)

The legislation has passed in the Assembly. The WRA will work with interested parties and pass the bill in the floor period in January.

WRA Legislative Alert: The WRA Supports Foxconn Legislation (Suggested Result)

Wisconsin has a unique opportunity to attract a major employer to the state.

WRA Legislative Alert: The WRA Supports the Homeowners Bill of Rights (Suggested Result)

The U.S. Supreme Court and Wisconsin Supreme Court recently decided against the interests of property owners in three cases.

WRA Legislative Alert: The WRA Seeks First-time Homebuyer Savings Account Legislation (Suggested Result)

The WRA is seeking legislation that would allow first-time homebuyers to save and grow money tax-free while saving for a down payment.

WRA Legislative Alert: DSPS Rental Weatherization Program Is Unnecessary (Suggested Result)

The WRA is working with legislators to eliminate the rental weatherization program.

WRA Legislative Alert: The WRA Seeks to Maintain Historic Preservation Tax Credits (Suggested Result)

The WRA opposes HTC changes.

WRA Legislative Alert: ‚ÄúA Better Way‚ÄĚ Tax Reform Plan Preserves Mortgage Interest Deduction (Suggested Result)

The GOP’s Better Way tax reform proposal aims to preserve the mortgage interest deduction.

WRA Legislative Alert: Increasing Access to Condominiums Now Officially Law (Suggested Result)

This legislation passed the House and the Senate and was signed into law by President Obama.

WRA Legislative Alert: Mega Bucks (Suggested Result)

$80 million: that's the total state contribution to the new Milwaukee Bucks Sports and Entertainment Arena.

WRA Legislative Alert: Time of Sale Loophole Closed by Wisconsin Legislature (Suggested Result)

Gov. Walker signed 2015 Wis. Act 176 into law, closing the time of sale (TOS) loophole.

April Fools! (Suggested Result)!/

Starting in April 2016, the WRA will reduce its regular email volume to three emails per week. The only three emails you will receive each week cover legal news, industry news and education.

Inbox Relief (Suggested Result)

The WRA has changed its email practice! Newer and fewer WRA emails are heading your way.

WRA Legislative Alert: State Budget Includes Property Tax Freeze and Reduction (Suggested Result)

The new state budget will freeze or reduce property taxes for the average homeowner by allocating approximately $400 million over the biennium.

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