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Bridging the Gap to Homeownership (Suggested Result)

Take an in-depth look at the first-time homebuyer savings account proposal.

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me (Suggested Result)

Wisconsin law and home surveillance during open houses and showings.

Taxing New Homebuyers to the Max (Suggested Result)

‚ÄúTax to the max‚ÄĚ might be a catchy rhyme, but it‚Äôs not a catchy concept.

Bridging the Gap (Suggested Result)

2019-20 Agenda: learn about future WRA legislative goals.

Legislative Agenda (Suggested Result)

Archives of Items Matching Legislative Agenda

A full listing of WRA's legislative priorities, victories and agendas published over the years on the WRA website.

Your Legal Action Program at Work! (Suggested Result)

Benefiting brokerage practice, legislation and administrative policy.

You Complete Me, Says the RECR to the Seller (Suggested Result)

Time for a facelift for the real estate condition report?

Chairman's Corner with Erik Sjowall (Suggested Result)

Aloha from newly installed Chairman Erik Sjowall.

DSPS Quarterly Report ‚ÄĒ March 2016 (Suggested Result)‚ÄĒ_March_2016/

REEB discipline taking place during the first quarter of 2016.

Legal Update April 2016: License Law Modernization 2016 (Suggested Result)

Wisconsin REALTORS Association Page 1 Legal Update, April 2016 On March 2, 2016, at the Wisconsin REALTORS Association’s REALTOR & Government Day, Gov. Walker signed 2015 Wisconsin Act 258 (AB 456/SB 375) into law. This legislation substantially alters Wisconsin Statute Chapter 452, the chapter of the statutes that mos

Wisconsin Statute 452 Changes (Suggested Result)

Learn about the changes to Wis. Stat. Chap. 452 that went into effect in July 2016.

Changes to Wisconsin Statute Chapter 452 (Suggested Result)

Gov. Walker's signature created 2015 Wis. Act 258, which makes numerous changes to Wisconsin Statute Chapter 452.

WRA Board Endorses Gov. Scott Walker (Suggested Result)

The WRA board is proud to endorse Gov. Walker for his continued support on a wide variety of REALTOR¬ģ¬†issues.

March 2014 Legal Update: Legislative Update 2014 (Suggested Result)

March 2014 Legal Update: Legislative Update 2014

Ron Johnson's 2016 Opponents Strike Early (Suggested Result)

Early risers: An analysis of the attacks against Ron Johnson for his 2016 possible re-election.

WRA Prepares 2009-10 Legislative Agenda (Suggested Result)

The WRA is preparing its legislative agenda for the upcoming session and we are looking for your feedback. Read on to see what we've deemed priority.

Stalled State Budget Creates School Problems (Suggested Result)

The current state budget deadlock has lawmakers concerned about the fate of local schools.

WRA Legislative Agenda Moving On All Fronts (Suggested Result)

As the legislative session races to a scheduled mid-March adjournment, key REALTOR¬ģ issues are receiving lots of attention in the capitol these days. While WRA priorities must compete with hundreds of other issues for consideration, many appear headed for enactment before legislators leave Madison to run for re-election in the fall.

The People's Agenda (Suggested Result)

In the summer of 2002, the Wisconsin REALTORS¬ģ Association launched an extensive campaign to protect and enhance the quality of life in Wisconsin.

2004 Election (Suggested Result)

Four years ago, after the delay and confusion surrounding the closest presidential election in history, it became cliché to say "every vote counts" and "you can make a difference."

New Year Brings New Focus at Capitol (Suggested Result)

2006 will be a landmark legislative and political year for us and for Wisconsin. Viewing the New Year from 40,000 feet, 2006 will feature the biannual capitol transformation from policy focus to political focus.

RPAC Overview (Suggested Result)

The best way to positively impact issues such as property taxes, health care and protecting the rights of property owners is through RPAC.

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