Quality of Life: Turning Homeowners' Voices into Action

The Making of the Quality of Life Agenda

 WRA Staff  |    August 03, 2004

Nearly two years after the first statewide survey of Wisconsin residents gave us our first serious look at what really contributes to the quality of life in our state, the data collected in multiple surveys has enabled the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA) Wisconsin Quality of Life initiative to produce a Quality of Life Agenda that gives citizens a voice and our elected officials a clear roadmap.

Through hundreds of questions asked in the multiple Quality of Life surveys over a two year period of time, the Quality of Life initiative has been able to identify clear patterns of mutual concern, agreement and interest amongs Wisconsin citizens. It gradually became apparent that the people were voicing some pretty important things about what they thought needed to be done to preserve the quality of life here in Wisconsin. The WRA Quality of Life Agenda is the vehicle for taking the views of the millions of home and property owners represented by REALTORS® and making them heard by decision makers across the state.

In developing the Quality of Life Agenda, WRA staff carefully analyzed all the data and crosstabs from the four Quality of Life surveys. After analyzing every single number, it became apparent that what people really cared about was their quality of life at home, at work, and in their community. So, focusing on those three areas, the WRA went back to the data to find out what the people thought needed to be done to preserve, protect and promote Wisconsin's quality of life in each area.

The process produced a grid with nine separate boxes with specific action items that represent a clear set of public directives. In short, every action item in every box on the grid represents what the people of Wisconsin want done to preserve their quality of life at home, at work and in their community.

The Wisconsin Quality of Life Agenda will be used to help educate elected officials and candidates across the state about the priorities of their constituents and ensure that these priorities-backed up by survey data-become part of the political dialogue.

The Quality of Life Agenda will be unveiled the second week in August. The Agenda will be available online at the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association's Quality of Life website at www.qualityoflife.wra.org/.

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