Chairman's Corner

 Mike Spranger  |    April 02, 2008

Spring is here … a welcome sign for many of us that were challenged by market conditions in 2007. The unusually cold and snowy winter has delayed many markets around the state, but there seems to be a feeling of optimism among agents in most Wisconsin markets. Those that have “weathered the storm” feel good about the prospects for sales in 2008. Many feel the “fence sitters” from 2007 are anxious to get moving, so to speak.

As we know, the market correction in Wisconsin was not nearly as significant as many other areas of the country. The National Association of REALTORS®’ media campaign has been helpful in reminding people that “every market’s different,” and I believe many consumers are beginning to get the local connection, and feel better about moving ahead with their plans.

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Association directors’ decision to invest an additional $150,000 to enhance the media campaign in our state will help to get the positive message out to Wisconsin homebuyers. It is also important that we, as members, communicate this message to people in our communities. Taking time to review the facts available on the WRA Web site ( can help you to convey the right message.

Politically, your association is very diligent in keeping its issues at the forefront. After an extremely well-organized Government Day, our lobby team has been working hard on the issues of pier protection, the Great Lakes Compact and the Housing Information Act, as well as property tax and health care reform. As I write this, the Legislature has passed the Pier Protection and Housing Information Act bills, and they are on the way to the governor for his signature. Thank you to those who attended Government Day and answered “Calls to Action.” And special thanks to our public affairs team for their ongoing commitment.

The national equivalent of our Government Day is the Midyear Legislative Conference and Trade Expo, which will take place this year on May 12-17 in Washington D.C. All members are welcome to attend, so consider joining us this year. This conference is an excellent time to interact with other REALTORS® and to communicate our issues to your senators and congressmen, as well as an opportunity to experience the history of our great capital city.

In closing, I would like to remind our newer members to invest in themselves. This portion of our membership is likely impacted the most by a contracting market, and there is always the temptation to put off educational opportunities until a “better time.” As I think of the REALTOR® members I know who have made a successful career in this business, the common thread is the foundation of knowledge they developed by attending educational classes and training sessions on a regular basis. I hope you will dedicate some of your busy-season commissions toward enhancing your chances for a successful career.

Make a Difference,


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