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Want to share what you are doing on your computer screen with a user in another location? Maybe you want to show a customer how to complete an online form, or you want to deliver a presentation to a large group. With the Join.Me program, you can be on the same page visually and share a duplicate of your screen. Join.Me bridges the distance gap and allows you to instantly share your screen online, with one user or up to 10 people, using a free, basic version.

March 2015
February 2015
February 2015
Product Showcase: WRA Launches Legal Update Digital Edition
It’s that time of the year again! If you have opened your zipForm® 6 or zipForm® Plus account recently, you may have received a notification to renew your subscription. The renewal is required to confirm and renew your account. There is no additional fee, and the process is simple and easy.
Misplace your phone or your keys, just as you were leaving for an appointment? When success means being punctual, having your couch or car eat your phone at the wrong time can be downright embarrassing.
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