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REALTOR® Sales Tip: Top Five Marketing Tips for REALTORS® in 2015


Here’s a simple truth in real estate: what worked yesterday won’t always work today or tomorrow. And a perfect example of this is marketing. Some marketing techniques you used a few years ago likely aren’t working as well for you today. 

Reaching prospective buyers and sellers via marketing is essential to your livelihood in real estate — I hope you agree. So making the necessary changes in how you communicate with them is a must.

In short, you have to adapt. In the span of just a few years, we’ve witnessed a wide-ranging revolution in the way consumers receive and interact with information: the Internet, email, smartphones, social media, wearable technology — the list grows longer every year.

So what kinds of marketing should you consider for 2015? 

January 2015
January 2015
December 2014
When thinking of "great" U.S. presidents, Washington, Lincoln or FDR may come to mind ... Warren G. Harding probably doesn't. Harding, though, coined the term "normalcy," as "a return to normalcy" was the theme of his 1920 campaign. And in 2015, on the economic and real estate fronts, many signs are pointing to a return to normalcy.
Get to work with goal-setting and planning for the new year!
Being positive is good for business.
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