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Wisconsin Real Estate Clauses, 2012 Edition
Scott C. Minter, UW Law School, Debra P. Conrad, Cori Lamont, Tracy Rucka

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Wisconsin Real Estate Clauses, 2012 Edition   

A collaborative effort between the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association, this manual is the go-to resource for drafting ideas when standard forms need to be consistent with the instruction of the parties. The clause manual addresses myriad drafting considerations and includes sample provisions and contingencies, buyer and seller checklists, and a variety of broker disclosures. In many instances, there are different alternate versions of a provision offered to better enable offer customization.  

The 2012 edition completely revises the previous edition. It incorporates the many and significant changes to drafting offers from the approval of the residential offer to purchase (WB-11) (2011) by the Department of Safety and Professional Services. This edition adds new clauses and revises many clauses that appeared in the previous edition.  

 New sections for the 2012 edition:     

  • Sample clauses for agency agreements  
  • Condominium provisions  
  • Short sale provisions  
  • Disclosure of broker relationships   

 New and updated sample clauses for the 2012 edition:  

  • Appraisal contingencies  
  • "As-is" sales  
  • Buyer agent compensation  
  • Closing documentation  
  • Easements and encroachments       
  • Environmental       
  • Financing  
  • Pre- and post-closing occupancy provisions  
  • Rental property provisions  
  • Personal property provisions  


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