Office Management and Business Practice Resources

These resources serve as a quick source of information regarding office management and business practice topics. Information includes pieces from the WRA website as well as other websites.


If you want the option of sending and receiving real estate transaction documents by e-mail, federal law requires certain safeguards to ensure that consumers like you have the capability to receive such disclosures and are fully aware of the consequences of agreeing to receive documents electronically. Federal law requires your consent to use e-mail and electronic versions of information, disclosures, contracts and other documents and records (“electronic documents”) that would otherwise be legally effective only if provided to you in a printed/written paper document.
Do you want to learn more about E-Commerce issues? The WRA offers many valuable resources about the law, forms use and more.
The WRA offers a collection of resources for issues related to No Call and No Fax regulations, including the National Do Not Call Registry, FCC fax regulations, Wisconsin's No Call List, consumer resources and communication consent.
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