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These resources are a quick source of information regarding environmental and land use topics. We have collected information from our website and provided links to other sites related to these topics.


Because annexations have a significant impact on the rights of individual landowners and developers, it is important for REALTORS® to have a general understanding of some of the related issues and proposed solutions. Accordingly, this article is intended to provide a brief overview of some legal and policy issues related to annexations.
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 REALTORS® should be careful not to make representations or determinations about floodplain property.
Generally speaking, “impact fees” are financial contributions — money or land, for example — imposed by communities on developers or builders to pay for capital improvements within the community which are necessary to service/accommodate the new development.
Lead-based paint resources from the WRA
Wis. Admin. Code chapter Comm 83 regulates Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS), in other words, private septic or sanitary systems. Review these resources to learn more.
Shoreland zoning attempts to protect our water resources by regulating the activities on land adjacent to our waterways. Wisconsin law requires counties to adopt and enforce zoning ordinances that meet or exceed the minimum standards in unincorporated areas. Thirty counties have chosen to update their standards to make them more protective.
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