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Statement of WRA Recognition Objectives

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Association benefits from the commitment and dedication of its members and employees as well as those individuals who share the association's objectives and render significant service to Wisconsin's real estate industry. The WRA will strive to recognize those whose outstanding contributions of time, effort and creative imagination have enabled the association to better serve its members and to strengthen its influence.

The WRA believes that the marketplace amply rewards those practitioners who provide exemplary service to customers and clients. Therefore, the WRA chooses to recognize outstanding service to the association and the industry, encouraging others to make a meaningful commitment to volunteer service.

Award Background and Purpose

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was established by the WRA at the January 1985 Board of Directors meeting. It was subsequently reviewed and modified by the Board of Directors in May 1998. The award recognizes REALTORS® who have provided many years of leadership and distinguished service to the WRA.


All current members, local association executives and WRA employees with at least five years of membership or employment are eligible to receive the award.

General Criteria

The DSA is the association's most prestigious award. While intended to recognize high-quality service to the association on a long-term basis, the DSA should not necessarily be viewed as an "end-of-career" or "lifetime achievement" award. Recipients shall have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the WRA; contributed a substantial amount of time, effort and creative imagination; and established a record of effective participation in association affairs. Recipients' association activities shall have set a high standard and be worthy of emulation. The DSA will be awarded only once to each recipient.

Specific Criteria – Member and Local Association Executives 

Members and local association executives who receive the DSA shall have demonstrated: 

  • Active participation in WRA activities.  
  • Extraordinary dedication to the association through volunteer work. 
  • Leadership, expertise and teamwork.
  • Commitment to the association's objectives and ideals.

A recipient may have served on association committees or as an elected officer of the association. In whatever capacity of service, recipients shall have exhibited a willingness to place the association's interests ahead of their own.

Specific Criteria – Employees

Employee recipients of the DSA must have significantly exceeded the level of satisfactory job performance, demonstrating:

  • Extraordinary commitment to the association.
  • Responsiveness to association and member needs.
  • Willingness to innovate and experiment.
  • A high level of skill.

All award recipients, whether a member, local association executive or employee, may have represented the association through distinguished service on state government commissions, task forces or study committees.

Recipient Recognition

The WRA chairmant will present the DSA(s) each year at the annual convention. Those accepting the award will also receive the following:

  1. A special, custom-designed plaque.
  2. Free convention registration for that year for both the recipient and his or her spouse, which will include tickets to all WRA ticketed functions, excluding Institute, Society or Council events.
  3. Special seating at opening ceremonies and reserved seating at the chairman's installation dinner.
  4. Recognition in WRA publications, including the annual convention program and through distribution of news releases to local and state media.

Selection Procedure

The Recognition Committee shall include four past DSA or state REALTOR® of the Year recipients (one of whom shall chair the committee), and five other WRA members.

The committee shall consider only individuals whose names have been submitted for consideration at least 14 days prior to the committee's first meeting of the year. The maximum number of recipients each year shall be three.

WRA staff will conduct any additional research that may be required by the Selection Committee regarding the candidates. The results of the data collected will be reviewed and considered. The committee will then determine by secret ballot, prior to August 1, which nominees are to receive the DSA. Those selected will then be notified by the chairman of the association and invited to attend the annual convention where the award will be presented. WRA staff will also notify each recipient's member board.

Nomination Procedure

In order to allow the committee sufficient time to gather information and give due consideration to each nominee, any nominations should be sent to the president or to the chairman of the committee by June 30. Any member of the WRA (including committee members), any local board or association of REALTORS® within Wisconsin, or any employee of the WRA may submit a name for consideration. The immediate past chairman of the WRA shall automatically be considered for the DSA as if that person's name were submitted. Since the DSA will recognize association participation and leadership efforts, the immediate past chairman should be the presumptive recipient.


The WRA will provide a publicity kit to each recipient, enabling them to prepare public press releases consistent with the objectives of the award.

If you have questions, please contact Mike Theo, President & CEO, Wisconsin REALTORS® Association, 4801 Forest Run Rd., Madison, WI 53704, (608) 241-2047.

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