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Persons who are paid or otherwise compensated to rent property and negotiate and sign leases for the owner fall within the definition of a broker under Wis. Stat. § 452.01(2). This statute states that a broker includes “any person who for another, and for commission, money or other thing of value, negotiates or offers or attempts to negotiate a sale, exchange, purchase or rental of an interest or estate in real estate.” This definition includes persons negotiating the terms of a rental interest in real estate. If the negotiation of lease terms or the drafting and signing of leases for another is involved, licensure is required. A property manager who signs or negotiates leases on behalf of a property owner must either be a licensed broker or be a licensed salesperson associated with a brokerage firm. Brokers also must have proper agency authority — typically a Property Management Agreement, a WB-37 Residential Listing Contract — Exclusive Right to Rent or an Exclusive Listing Contract Right to Rent Commercial Property — to provide property management services.


WRA legal resources

Wisconsin residential rental statutes and rules

HUD guidance for use of criminal records in tenant screening

DATCP resources and fact sheets  

Updated WRA forms (2016)

Revised forms:
  • WRA-5DRV Five Day Notice — Remedy Default or Vacate Premises
  • WRA-5DVN Five Day Notice to Vacate — Nuisance or Threat of Harm
  • WRA-14DN Fourteen Day Terminating Tenancy
  • WRA-28DN Twenty-eight Day Notice Terminating Tenancy (for month-to-month)
  • WRA-30DN Thirty Day Notice for Leases of More Than One Year
  • WRA-NRL Residential Lease (includes rules prohibiting criminal activity)
  • WRA-COSD Check-out Report/Security Deposit Withholding (enhanced instructions and usage pointers) 
New form:
  • Five Day Notice to Vacate – Criminal Activity  
  • Learn more about this form and legislative changes in the February 2016 Legal Update, "Landlord/Tenant Legislation for 2016." 
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