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2014 WRA Legislative Update

BPO Video
Broker Price Opinions
Certain appraisers and the city of Milwaukee attempted to prevent real estate licensees from giving broker price opinions unless they had an appraisers license. Learn more.
Length: 1:04
Fraudulent Misrepresentation Thumbnail
Fraudulent Misrepresentation
New legislation overturned a misguided court case where REALTORS® could be held liable for fraudulent misrepresentations made by sellers.
Length: 1:14
Camp Tax Reform Video Thumbnail
Federal Tax Reform Proposal
Why is the camp tax reform proposal bad for the industry and for REALTORS? Watch this video and learn more.
Length: 2:53
RPAC Local Govt Video Thumbnail
Local Government Preemption
Would you like your local government regulating your business? Watch this video and learn more.
Length: 2:20
Property Tax Video Thumbnail
Property Tax Cut
See how the Wisconsin legislature reduced your property taxes.
Length: 2:02
Private Property Video Thumbnail
Out of State Licensees
New legislation imposed on OSLs for providing brokerage services related to the sale/purchase of real estate in Wisconsin.
Length: 1:56
Attorneys at closing thumbnail
Attorneys at Closing
Wisconsin: No attorneys required at closing. Here's why.
Length: 1:26
municipal utilities thumbnail
Municipal Utility Lien Law
Learn how a new law will allow landlords to protect their bottom lines.
Length: 2:31
Tow Truck Thumbnail
Landlord Tenant Bill Update
See how the new law impacts landlords and tenants. 2014 made significant changes to current landlord tenant regulations.
Length: 2:13
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