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WRA Member Benefits Video

New Member Video - Introduction Thumb
WRA Member Benefits Overview
Top benefits of membership from legal services to education.
Length: 3:43
New Member Video - Whole Video Thumb Alternate
WRA Member Benefits Video [complete video]
FInd out what all you get as a WRA member.
Length: 18:18
New Member Video - Education Thumb
Continuing education, designation courses and on demand education.
Length: 01:14
New Member Video - Legal Hotline Thumb
Legal Hotline
Toll-free Legal Hotline, Legal Hottips and access to attorneys.
Length: 02:15
New Member Video - Publications Thumb
Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine, Legal Update and Tech Hottips.
Length: 03:10
New Member Video - Real Estate News Thumb
Real Estate News
Monthly housing statistics, real estate news and social media.
Length: :55
New Member Video - Advocacy Thumb
Real estate issues advocacy and political representation.
Length: 02:15
New Member Video - Events and Conferences Thumb
Conferences and Events
Annual Conventions and networking opportunities.
Length: 1:13
New Member Video - Sales Tools Thumb
Sales Tools
ZipForms, sales collateral and promotional materials.
Length: 1:36
New Member Video - Group Benefits Thumb
Exclusive Group Benefits
Health, dental, E&O, UPS and phone discounts.
Length: 1:01
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