Snapchat for Real Estate

Keep up with the next generation!

Are you communicating where your clients communicate? Snapchat users represent some of the most engaged audiences on a mobile device. Every day, over 150 million people use the social media app to communicate. On Snapchat, you can capture a photo or brief video, add a caption and send the finished creation, called a snap, to your clients. Start growing your business today! Length: 25:49.

In this web video, you'll learn how you can use Snapchat to:  

    • Create stories.
    • Create snaps.
    • Use filters.
    • Repurpose your snaps for other social media accounts.
    • Define the best uses for real estate.
    • Use editing tools and more. 

Presented by: Carrie Little
With 26 years in the technology industry, Carrie Little has established herself as a leader in the digital arena. Her property marketing skills and dedication to fulfilling her clients’ needs have earned her an esteemed reputation in the local, state and national real estate community. She is a 15-year real estate agent and 10-year instructor in the real estate industry.     


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