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BPO Video
See how REALTORS® involvement makes a difference legislatively.
Jun. 2014
Length: Series
DLOD 3.0 Trailer Thumb
Check out the WRA's distance learning program and see how education is made easy.
Dec. 2013
Length: 00:45
Steve Lane Video Thumbnail
WRA Chairman Steve Lane, "life is a collection of relationships."
Jun. 2013
Length: 3:39
Renny Diedrich Thumbnail
Renny Diedrich, "I believe in what we are selling and that's why I'm in this business."
Sep. 2012
Length: 5:17
2012 Forms Update Thumb Screen
Learn about the changes to the WB-15 Commercial Offer to Purchase form.
Apr. 2012
Length: 36:29
New Member Video - Introduction Thumb
The benefits you get as a WRA member.
Apr. 2012
Length: Series
Rob Keefe Chairman Video Thumbnail
WRA Chairman Rob Keefe, "it's all about people working with people."
Sep. 2011
Length: 2:45
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