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 Emily Zampardi  |    April 11, 2016
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Navigating the ever-flowing current of leads,¬†REALTORS¬ģ know that the more information you have about any individual lead, the better your chances of converting that lead. Any little details you can learn about the person prior to making that first contact can make a huge impact on that initial conversation. So much personal information is now available online, through social media channels and other searches, but conducting all of that online "investigation" takes precious time away from other areas of your business.

Connect6 is a free Chrome extension that takes all of the legwork out of researching prospects. The extension, which works with any webpage that contains some kind of personal identifier ‚ÄĒ for example, an email address, social profile link or Twitter handle ‚ÄĒ displays a small beacon/icon next to any personal identifier. Simply hovering over the beacon/icon will bring up a side bar at the right side of the screen that displays all of the information available online about that person ‚ÄĒ all gathered into one convenient place. For example, Rita Realty just sent you an email inquiring about selling her house. When you run across her Facebook profile, the Connect6 extension will provide you with quick access to Rita's LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts.

Instantly view the person's picture, social profile links, personal connection path to you if one exists, and contact information. With one click, learn their last name, discover their likes and dislikes on Facebook or what they do for a living on LinkedIn, see what "hot topics" to avoid mentioning by reading their recent Tweets, and so much more. Easily find out whether the lead is local or lives out of state, their age or their marital status. The possibilities are endless.

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