Timeout! Time for Some Coaching to Reach the Next Level

 Bubba Mills  |    April 06, 2016

Warning: If you only want what you’ve always gotten, don’t waste your time reading this article. 

Okay, with that out of the way, let‚Äôs begin. You probably recall March Madness last month ‚ÄĒ the NCAA basketball tournament that draws millions of fans to TVs to root for their favorite schools. Whether you‚Äôre a basketball fan or not, there‚Äôs something for you to learn from it. Do you ever notice that when things start going wrong for a team, the coach almost always calls a timeout?

Good coaches can see what‚Äôs going on to cause the lull in scoring, so they huddle the team to make adjustments ‚ÄĒ to do something different. Mr. Robbins‚Äô quote above is spot on.¬†

Well, this article is a timeout for all you Wisconsin REALTORS¬ģ who are feeling you could be scoring more points in real estate, but for some reason, you‚Äôre not. I‚Äôve been in the business for decades, and I have yet to see a successful agent, or team of agents, who were successful without at least some coaching.¬†

I know, when you hear the word ‚Äúcoach,‚ÄĚ you probably think you‚Äôre giving up your independence. You‚Äôre independent. I‚Äôm independent too. That‚Äôs one of the reasons I got into this industry ‚ÄĒ because it allows for independence. But when you look at the facts and the actual numbers, the truly successful people in this industry have had or do currently have coaches.¬†

Every pro team has a coach. Show me a team without a coach, and I‚Äôll show you a losing team. Coaches are those who‚Äôve been on the court and know how things can go haywire. And better yet ‚ÄĒ coaches know how to change things to make the ball go into the basket. My business coaches 94 out of the top 250 teams on the Wall Street Journal REAL Trends report. And after one year of coaching, those companies‚Äô income increases average 47 percent.¬†

I want you to take a timeout for the rest of the article and consider the following questions.

  • Where are you in your career? Is your career where you imagined it to be when you started in real estate? If not, why not? Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you were as successful as other agents in your market?¬†
  • What do you want changed in your career? Think about Monday mornings: what bugs you when you get out of bed and start thinking about the day ahead? What items on your to-do list cause even the slightest bit of dread?¬†
  • What do you want most in the next year in your career? What about the next five years? What‚Äôs the true dream you‚Äôre chasing?¬†
  • Here‚Äôs the real kicker ‚ÄĒ are you having trouble answering how to make the changes for questions 2 or 3? How do you eliminate the dread, and how do you reach your dreams? If you feel stuck on questions 2 and 3, I encourage you to seriously consider a coach. Thousands of agents have been where you are now. Those who chose help are now achieving their dreams in real estate. I‚Äôve seen it over and over in my career as a coach.¬†

Every single REALTOR¬ģ has more potential than they‚Äôre tapping right now. There aren‚Äôt many things uglier in this world than unrealized potential, so I‚Äôd like you to seriously consider the option of hiring a coach. It doesn‚Äôt have to cost a lot.

And you can learn about them for free. My company, as well as many others, offers a free consultation. And once you hire a coach, the time investment might just be for an hour or two. Not much money at all. The return on investment might well turn out to be a slam dunk!

Bubba Mills is co-owner and the executive vice president of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc., an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into real estate companies, mortgage companies and small businesses.

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