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 Emily Zampardi  |    August 01, 2015
Last Pass - article
A growing number of online tools and resources can help to make you more efficient and increase your business. But navigating through countless account registrations can create a phenomenon known as ‚Äúpassword overload.‚ÄĚ For optimal security, every one of your online accounts should have a unique and strong password (containing letters, numbers and symbols). But who has time to create ‚Äď and keep track of ‚Äď all of those passwords? Not to mention property addresses, lockbox combinations, listing prices, MLS numbers and all of the other pieces of data REALTORS¬ģ need to keep straight. But you don‚Äôt want to leave your online accounts vulnerable by always using the same (easy to remember) password. Last Pass to the rescue!
Last Pass allows you to have unlimited unique usernames and passwords without the stress of remembering them. This password management system is super simple to download and use, but will make your day-to-day online tasks so much faster and easier. Once installed, the free tool will store every username and password for your online accounts. It will also create strong and secure passwords for any new accounts you set up. You will only have to remember one primary password from now on ‚Äď Last Pass will take care of the rest. As you browse new sites, Last Pass will prompt you to save your registration information. Once the data is saved, Last Pass will automatically fill in the login for future visits.
You can easily view, edit, delete and organize your all of your saved account information in a centralized ‚Äúvault.‚ÄĚ Online shopping profiles can also be set up and saved, keeping your payment information highly secure while making online purchases a snap.

To enjoy the benefits of Last Pass on all of your devices, upgrade to a premium plan to sync your vault across unlimited smart phones, tablets and desktops. For a $12 annual fee, you will also receive priority tech support and us Last Pass without advertising.

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