REALTOR® Sales Tip: Communicate Your Way to Higher Sales with DISC

 Bubba Mills  |    August 06, 2015

This article is all about communication. Let me start with a story: A woman looking in the mirror said to her husband, “I don't feel pretty today. I look ugly and frumpy. I really need to hear a nice compliment.” Her husband replied, “you have great vision.”

Oh the trouble we can get into when our lips flap! Needless to say, the husband’s communication skills are obviously lacking. Any married person can attest. Probably many REALTORS®, too. Because real estate is a people business, communication is the industry’s bedrock. And I can say this with certainty: Top producers in real estate are expert communicators. 

If you want to join the ranks of those top producers, you should jump at every opportunity to improve your communication skills. This article can help; and to get the most from the article, you only need to remember four letters: DISC. 

The DISC assessment is a tool you can use to quickly assess an individual’s dominant personality. The DISC theory is based on work by psychologist William Marston. 

Generally speaking, the DISC theory categorizes individuals into four primary types of personality styles: directors, interactors, supporters and compliants. The next time you’re giving a listing presentation, you’ll be talking to one of those four types of people. And when you understand which one you’re talking to, you can be much more effective and more likely to get the result you want. 

So let’s dive into each and learn some practical tips you can start using in your daily life as a REALTOR®:

D: directors are direct: Those in this DISC category want to make money, save time and be efficient. When you talk to directors, be short and to the point with closed questions. They seek productivity and the bottom line. They’re motivated by new challenges and new problems to solve. They enjoy power and authority to take risks and make decisions. And they want freedom from routine and mundane tasks. 

I: interactors want, you guessed, interaction: Those in the interaction category want to have fun, and they enjoy talking about themselves. When you’re talking to interactors, add humor and don’t labor on the details. These individuals seek recognition and fun. They’re motivated by flattery, praise, popularity and acceptance, and they want other people available to handle details. 

S: supporters are connectors: The individuals in the S category want security and safety as well as a strong sense of belonging. When talking to supporters, ask for their opinions and feelings and offer open-ended questions. They’re motivated by recognition for loyalty and dependability, and they don’t care for sudden changes in procedure or lifestyle. They also like activities they can start and finish. 

C: compliants are thinkers: The C category DISCers are always wondering how things work. They want practicality, logic, fairness and a systematic approach. When talking to these thinkers, give facts, documentation and data. They seek accuracy. They’re motivated by standards of high quality, limited social interaction, detailed tasks and logical organization of information. 

Understanding people, listening to their needs and wants, and responding appropriately take work and attention. But because real estate is a people business, it’s simply a must. And the better at it you become, the better living you’ll make as an agent or broker. I promise. 

Best of luck to you!

Bubba Mills is the executive vice president of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc., an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into real estate companies, mortgage companies and small businesses.

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