Member Benefits: Is Your CRM Working For You?

Work smarter, not harder, with REALTYZAM CRM

 August 19, 2020
Member Benefits

The key to giving clients what they want lies in understanding them, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system does just that. It facilitates various pieces of the transaction by giving you and the client ease of communication, organized data and improved customer service. All of this will streamline the process of making sure needs are met and actions are resolved in a timely manner.

Your clients are the most important part of your business, and keeping them happy should be your top priority. Don‚Äôt put your business at risk; invest in a quality CRM tool, and prove to your clients that you care about their satisfaction. The CRM process shouldn‚Äôt be about working harder but about working smarter, so that your clients get what they want ‚ÄĒ and you do, too. Most people see CRM as just another tool, as more work and another thing that takes time away from the main task of selling.

That’s why Realtyzam CRM is designed for real estate agents to manage their sales activity in a fast and easy way.

Simple software: Realtyzam is all about simplicity. Its clean and easy-to-understand interface takes no time to learn and makes tracking your sales activity a breeze.

Keep in touch: Forming and maintaining relationships with clients is one of the most important aspects of a real estate business. With Realtyzam, you can store pertinent contact information, follow-up dates, notes, documents and client interactions. With one click, you can export email addresses or format mailing labels for email and postcard campaigns. 

Stay organized: When dealing with multiple clients who are in different parts
of the buying or selling process, managing your sales and administrative tasks can be time-consuming. In Realtyzam, you’ll have quick access and a complete breakdown of your client activity, including your buyer and seller conversion rates, average commission, prospecting rates and even which lead sources generate the most sales! 

Smartphone app: As a real estate agent, you’re always on the go. With Realtyzam’s free mobile app, you can manage your sales activity from anywhere.

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