Tech Hottips: WRA Website Top 10

 Emily Zampardi  |    February 15, 2021
Tech Hottips

We all know you can sign up for classes and events on the WRA website and read the latest industry news, but there are myriad other resources and tools available as well. Here are 10 tips to help you take full advantage of everything the website has to offer right now. 

1. Stay safe and in-the-know about COVID-19. Help protect yourself, your colleagues, your clients and your business 
by staying up to date with the latest updates and resources about COVID-19 and its effect on real estate. Visit

2. Promote your business. You know the value you bring to your clients. Make sure consumers are aware of the countless benefits of working with a REALTOR® in their real estate transactions.  

Download and share our “Why Hire a REALTOR®?” resources, including a printable poster and postcard as well as a video you can share on your own website. Visit

3. Don’t get stuck on real estate law. Have a legal issue? Check out the Legal Hottips library where you can view recent questions and answers from the WRA Legal Hotline or search Q&As by category. Still need answers? Submit a question to the hotline using the online form, and a WRA attorney will respond to you via email or phone. Visit You may also reach the hotline by phone at 800-799-4468.

4. Enhance your listing presentations with up-to-date housing statistics. Provide your customers with the latest data on Wisconsin home sales volume and median prices — even down to the county. Visit

5. Learn something new every week. Follow one or all our many popular videos and podcasts for insights into the latest legal and sales topics affecting the real estate industry.

  • Capitol Insights: biweekly podcast focusing on key advocacy issues that are important to property owners and the real estate industry.
  • Housing Statistics Report: monthly video analyzing Wisconsin’s housing performance.
  • WRA 360: webcast featuring cutting-edge developments when they happen.
  • LegalTalks: video series that provides REALTORS® with information on contemporary legal issues in short segments.
  • Legal Update Live: webcast providing late-breaking news and updates on trending, real estate industry-related legal topics.

Visit to access these resources and more. Make sure to log in to gain access to additional member-only videos.

6. Use the Find a REALTOR® tool to help with referrals. Find colleagues by specialty or designation in the state’s largest real estate database. Visit

7. Stay on top of the latest industry news and trends. As a WRA member, you qualify for a free Inman Select membership. Sign up to get started with your complementary subscription to Inman News at

8. Save paper by receiving the WRA’s magazine electronically. Select how you want your Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine delivered each month — by mail (printed copy) or email (digital version). Set your preference at Never miss an issue, or even re-visit past issues, by checking out the online version of the magazine at

9. Get the information you want. Customize the emails you want to receive from the WRA so you get the communications you need to stay on top of the latest news, resources and trends in the industry. Visit

10. Stay connected. In addition to our website, the WRA offers several online social communities. Follow the WRA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for critical alerts and real-time communications of what’s happening inside the industry and the WRA.

Emily Zampardi is a staff writer for Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine. 

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