REALTOR® Sales Tip: Here’s to 2010!

 Marcus Wally  |    January 13, 2010

Happy New Decade! The new year brings resolutions, and goal setting is paramount this time of year. Commitment time is once again upon us. Do you believe that we can dictate now what our December 2010 will look like? I believe we can.

Here are my REALTOR® resolutions for our bottom line. We have the power to make it a great year when it comes to production, so follow my lead.

1. Commit to recommitting: It’s a whole new world out there and we must stay positive. Too many outside distractions can cause us to easily fall into the “pity trap” and constantly wonder when the market is going to return to normal. Well, this is a normal market. In fact, I’ve nicknamed it our “new normal” market. Conditions that we experienced over the last few years were not normal. Like it or not, we are now in a normal market, so suck it up and get in the game.

2. Become a specialist: Too often REALTORS® try to be everything to everyone. This is not possible. Find contentment in being the very best in one area and ride your success to the top. I never understood how someone could be a solid REALTOR® as well as a mortgage broker, an insurance representative, a builder, etc. Customers/clients want excellent service today and it is impossible to provide top-notch service when you have your fingers in so many different pies. Follow your heart’s desire and work in a field that you are passionate about (waterfront, golf course, historic, commercial, etc.). Become the leader in your market, but stick to one field.

3. Always give Exceptional Customer Service (ECS): Once customers/clients experience top-notch service, they come to expect it. We must make it our mission to always under-promise and over-deliver. Let actions speak louder than words and allow the underlying foundation of the real estate business to ring out loud and clear – to build your business from referrals. Referrals are the lifeblood of our business and when you treat each and every customer/client like your one and only, you will never disappoint or damage these folks who can make or break your business.

4. Hire an assistant: In order to be really successful — and I don’t mean just financially – we must take the leap of faith and hire an assistant. Getting by with a little help from a friend is the best way to make sure that your family does not suffer from your absence. Especially when offering ECS, our business is very demanding. Our customers/clients want us now, and I mean now, and it is difficult to maintain balance. One way to ensure a sense of balance is to hire someone to complement your strengths and shine on your weaknesses. You will find that this partner is an investment that will pay for itself and then some. And best of all, you will have a life!

5. Embrace technology: Start your engines with good, trusted technology, but do not allow it to run you. Having the latest of everything can dent your wallet, and does not guarantee success. The best use of technology in our business is to help create systems to increase productivity and shorten the time it takes to accomplish tasks. Time is our most valuable asset. I cannot live without my laptop computer, my cell phone, my Flip Video and my car.

6. Do one more thing each day: This is one of the most dynamic ideas I would ask you to embrace this New Year. Each day when you are ready to pack it up and head home, stop and put your briefcase or purse down and do one more thing. Call a FSBO or an expired listing and offer to help. Write a personal note to a past customer/client or a friend that you recently bumped into at the grocery store. Drive a different route home to spot new business. By the end of the week you will have accomplished five additional tasks. After several weeks and months, you will see the value of doing more than your competitors. It’s all about hard work, and the harder you work, the luckier you will be.

7. Increase your knowledge base: We all must live by the mantra, “Education is Power.” This is what truly sets us apart. So register yourself for a new course in the specific field that you are specializing in (resolution no. 2) and gain the knowledge to lead the pack. And whatever you do, tell everyone you come into contact with (your entire sphere of influence) about your newly acquired skills. There is no point in keeping this a secret. Toot your own horn!

8. Work off of a professional calendar: Go out and buy a brand-new calendar, or pull up the calendar on your database, and block out your vacation time. This is one of the most critical elements to any ultra-successful professional. Mark those birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, sporting events, celebrations, etc. Make sure you include the several vacations you and your family have dreamed about. These most important dates are now in permanent ink and may not be changed due to real estate. Remember: I believe there is no such thing as a real estate emergency!

9. Ask for referrals: Keep the golden rule close to your heart and practice it daily. In addition, keep in mind my second golden rule: everyone has the need to buy or sell estate. We must ask each person that comes into our lives if they have the need to buy or sell real estate. Commit to calling 25 people that you do not know each day and you will have more business than you will be able to handle. Now that’s a resolution!

Marcus A. Wally, MBA, is an active REALTOR® in St. Augustine, Fla. He is the founder and broker of New World Realty, which also manages the coaching and facilitation of education classes around the world. Marcus earned his MBA from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. He can be reached at 904-669-1081 or at Learn more about him at

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