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 Emily Zampardi  |    January 30, 2017
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Photography is immeasurably important to the success of any listing. High-quality photos mean a better first impression, which increases the likelihood of a showing. And the bar for "high quality" photos has been significantly raised over the past several years. Buyers are no longer impressed with average photos; in fact, many are so turned off by unappealing photos that they will disregard the property altogether. But the time and money invested in top-quality photography can be overwhelming and unrealistic at times. And the composition of a photo ‚ÄĒ think furniture or lack thereof, clutter, personal effects, wall color ‚ÄĒ is often just as crucial as the lighting and angle, but is sometimes overlooked or beyond your control.

Here's where Box Brownie can help. Box Brownie is an online photo service that takes your existing digital images and professionally alters them to suit your requests.

Photo editing

  • Image enhancement: Give your property photos that "wow" factor by adding enhancements like sky replacement, lens distortion removal, brightness/contrast adjustments, color balancing, lawn enhancements, straightening, sharpening and so much more.
  • Dawn to dusk: Help your listings stand out by easily creating an impressive "dusk" effect, making the property and its surroundings look like they were shot just as the sun was setting.
  • Item removal: Remote left on the table? Extra bench in the corner making the room look crowded? Personal effects hanging on the wall? No need to reshoot; simply remove them from the existing photos.
  • Aerial editing: Leave an even bigger impression with your aerial photos with special editing techniques designed to highlight certain aspects about the property as a whole.

Virtual furniture

A properly staged home sells faster and for more money than a poorly staged or vacant property. But professional home staging can be costly and time consuming for both you and the homeowner. Box Brownie can add virtual furniture to any room, showcasing the full potential of the home to possible buyers. Whether it's an additional piece to complement existing furniture in the room, removal and replacement of unattractive furniture items, or the full furnishing of an entire vacant house, the finished product will appeal to would-be buyers and allow them to visualize themselves living in the space.

Box Brownie also provides 2-D and 3-D floorplans as well as copywriting services for REALTORS¬ģ.

The company is based in Australia but has team members located around the world, so it can guarantee a 24-hour turnaround. Prices vary, depending on the services you require, but start at $2.40 per image. Signing up for an account is free, and Box Brownie even offers an $8 credit toward your first photo enhancement.

Visit www.boxbrownie.com to learn more or to sign up today.

Caution: Real estate professionals should include a clear and conspicuous disclaimer indicating that photographs or videos have been altered, enhanced or virtually staged to avoid misleading consumers or any misrepresentation concerns.

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