Make a Commitment to Agent Agency for 2020

Chairman's Corner

 Steve Beers  |    January 13, 2020

In my inaugural “Chairman’s Message” article in Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine in October 2019, I discussed a survey the WRA conducted of its members on the matter of professionalism. And there were a few significantly noteworthy items of those survey results:

  1. 88% of the REALTORS® surveyed said they had experienced incompetent and unethical practice by a fellow REALTOR®.
  2. 83% said this conduct did not happen in their office. 
  3. 44% said they felt REALTORS® were performing less professionally than they were in 2007.

In direct response to these results, I called upon our membership to reflect on the fact that there is a problem in how we deal with our customers and clients as well as how we interact with our fellow REALTORS®. The public comes to us as REALTORS® because they’re expecting a professional experience. As you know, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because when becoming REALTORS®, we agree to uphold the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

When the survey found 97 % of the REALTORS® supported the WRA putting plans into action that would improve incompetent and unethical behavior, I started to contemplate what may help to encourage better interpersonal skills and setting expectations as to professionalism in transactions. This exercise brought me to the concepts of buyer agency and agency disclosure and how the law sets forth expectations of
real estate licensees as they relate to clients and customers. And so, I came to the realization that the approach could be simple, straightforward and uncomplicated. 

“Agent Agency” is an agreement between agents to honor the following precepts:

  1. Follow the golden rule.
  2. Respond to all inquiries and requests sent by text, email and phone promptly.
  3. Show courtesy, trust and respect to other real estate professionals.
  4. Work collaboratively to achieve a positive outcome for everyone in the transaction.
  5. Work competently by fully completing and understanding all the forms. 

Therefore, to help improve our professionalism, I propose a common-sense approach by offering an “agent agency” agreement. Unlike the legal concepts of buyer agency and agency disclosure, “agent agency” is an understanding between agents setting expectations when working together 
in a real estate transaction. Further, “agent agency” is not a legally binding contract. 

The objective of the “agent agency” agreement is to memorialize the commitment of agents in a transaction to change the temperament by agreeing to work together. “Agent agency” is created to be flexible; it can be used either in an individual transaction or as an ongoing understanding as to the expectation of agents working together regardless of the specific transaction. 

So today, I unveil the “agent agency” form. This form will be available in zipForm and in the WRA’s PDF forms library. I welcome you to try it out, and feel free to make it your own.

See Form   

We work in a great industry with limitless opportunities. Let’s all take the “high road” and work together collaboratively to achieve greatness for each of us and our profession.

Steve Beers

2019-20 WRA Chairman of the Board

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