Member Benefits: Spectrum Insurance

Need Health Insurance? Spectrum Insurance is here to help WRA members

 January 13, 2020
Member Benefits

Spectrum Insurance Group Inc., formerly REGIT Inc., delivers a new experience and approach with regard to employee benefits and individual insurance options by offering complete transparency throughout the process. Spectrum explores not only the traditional large carrier options but also alternative funding options. Additionally, Spectrum has established a nontraditional plan option specifically for individual WRA members as well as designated REALTOR® members who may be looking for a lower-cost alternative and the ability to offer coverage to their 1099 associates.

Some of these alternative options can produce savings of 40 percent or more on a group employee benefits program as well as individual coverage options from the traditional large carriers. By understanding the goals of Spectrum’s individual and group clients, representatives at Spectrum can put together a customized plan to help you meet your goals.

For independent contractors, finding insurance can be challenging. Take advantage of the services of the professionals at Spectrum Insurance who will serve as your personal human resources staff. Whether you need a quote or simply advice on your health insurance, contact Spectrum at 800-537-9786.

This contributing article is from Spectrum Insurance, a WRA benefit partner.

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