Message from the Chairman

 Brad Lois  |    January 10, 2022
Chairman message


As we come back to reality from all of the holiday parties and gatherings and forge forward making our wishes and promises 
for the new year, I hope that you are all re-energized in welcoming 2022! The past couple of years have presented plenty of challenges and even more opportunities to the real estate industry.

You heard from Mary Duff, the WRA’s immediate past chair, last year as she sang the praises of our staff and the efforts we succeeded in, specifically maintaining our “essential worker” status. This status was a big part of setting our members up to continue working in a hot real estate market with relatively minor interruption. However, let me tell you about a few other disruptions we all need to keep top of mind for 2022. 

  • Housing inventory: You’ll remember that in 2019, the WRA commissioned a study that included a special report authored by Dr. Kurt Paulsen from UW-Madison, titled “Falling Behind.” The data identified in that report is being updated regularly, and we are continuing conversations with lawmakers in an effort to increase our housing supply in Wisconsin. When given the opportunity, I ask you to join voices with us in the conversation and work toward finding methods to increase our housing stock. The WRA’s “Falling Behind” report can be read online at www.wra. org/FallingBehind.
  • Department of Justice lawsuit against NAR: The ongoing battle between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) persists. As the DOJ continues to try to pick apart organized real estate in an attempt to find flaws in the “fairness” of our business, I urge you all to join voices as members and communicate to your clients and customers exactly how our MLS offers of compensation benefit the overall real estate marketplace. In response to this lawsuit, NAR recently launched a new “Competition in Real Estate” website. Learn more about the DOJ lawsuit and see the new competition website at
  • Member benefits: I’ve presented a challenge to the WRA this year. I’ve asked that we truly evaluate EVERYTHING we do before we do it. With each initiative, we must ask, “What is the benefit to members?” We want all of you as members to truly want to belong to the WRA because it benefits you and your business. This is a tall order, but I know we’re up for the challenge, and I think we’ll see some great outcomes from the exercise.

I’m humbled to be representing you all this year as the 2022 WRA chairman. I hope to leave this organization better than I found it and to represent all of you to the best of my ability. We will navigate through these challenges together. On behalf of the 2022 leadership team consisting of chairman-elect Joe Horning, treasurer Mary Jo Bowe and immediate past chair Mary Duff, thank you for allowing us to serve all of you! 

Brad Lois 
2022 WRA Chairman of the Board 

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