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 Emily Zampardi  |    July 10, 2015

More than 85 percent of Americans are now online, which means most homebuyers are looking at properties on the Web before making a decision about whether or not to view them in person. Having a property-specific URL, such as, for your featured properties will not only help direct your prospects to the correct page, but it will also allow you to showcase the properties in a way that makes them stand out from the rest. Added bonus ‚ÄĒ your seller clients will love that!

Creating a custom URL is not as complicated as it may sound; in fact, it's gotten much easier (and more common) over the past several years. Here are a couple of great options for assigning an individualized Web address to your properties (if your firm does not already provide this). is a real estate-specific online tool that makes it easy to create direct, custom links to view your featured properties online. They offer affordable monthly rates that vary from $40 to $1800 depending on how many domains you will need. Setting up a property website is a breeze with numerous templates to choose from, all of which are designed with responsive layouts (so they will look great on a desktop or mobile device).  Simply enter the information about your property, upload the photos, add your contact information and website link, and you are ready to launch your listing's website! You even have the option of previewing the site before purchasing anything.

Once your property's website is active, you can get statistics about number of visitors and how many leads your site has generated. You can also opt to receive instant notifications for new inquiries as well as weekly reports.

For more information or to view recently created websites, visit

Maybe you already have a beautiful website where you showcase your featured properties, and you are not interested in creating a separate site for each new listing. But you'd still like to take advantage of the benefits of a custom domain. If that's the case, might be a better solution for you. allows you to purchase your custom domain (provided it's available, of course) and then set it to auto-forward all visitors to a Web address you choose (the featured property's page on your website, for example). For as low as $9.99/year, you can enjoy the marketing perks of having a property-specific URL, without any of the hassle of setting up or maintaining an independent site. It's the best of both worlds!

GoDaddy also offers the option of website building for a very affordable monthly rate, but the templates are not real estate-specific.

Visit to learn more.

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