Tech Hottips: Best Practices for Video Tours

 July 16, 2020
Tech Helpline

With millions working remotely during the pandemic, the real estate industry is rapidly adapting digitally to connect agents with consumers. One marketing tool that has become vital for agents now more than ever is the video tour.

According to a study by, listings that come with a video tour gain 87% more views than listings without video tours. Even before the pandemic, research from the National Association of REALTORS® said that half of all homebuyers find video tours influential in deciding on a home.

Today, with nearly all home shoppers starting their search online, here are some of the best practices to make your best first impression.

Create a video plan

Create a video outline document that lists the order of your shots and what you are going to say to develop your script for both on and off-camera. Also include what time of day is best to shoot inside and outside shots, and what you will focus on: the most marketable features of your listing. Think of your audience first as you develop your plan.

Video script

Even though authenticity works better in a video than a script, be sure to plan out in advance a few of the keywords you want to emphasize. Every home has a story, and doing a video tour as if you are telling a story will help you to write down what you want to say. Remember, shorter is better. Research shows YouTube video views decrease sharply after one minute, with average engagement dropping 70% after two minutes.

Video recording

If you have a newer smartphone, you have the right video camera to do 
the job. Today’s top smartphones can shoot the highest-quality videos with good built-in recording capabilities.

Proper lighting

Poor lighting gives your video a grainy look. Crystal-clear, high-resolution video recording typically requires bright light. Avoid standing in front of any area that provides backlighting; windows or lamps behind you will make you appear like a dark shadow. 
A detachable selfie light can help overcome backlighting issues if backlighting is unavoidable.

Great audio is vital

Believe it or not, the sound is more important than video image quality. When you have both – great audio and excellent video image quality — your video has a far greater chance of engagement. People will tolerate a video that is less than perfect, but if the audio is difficult to understand — too soft, too much echo, feedback or background noise — the people you are trying to reach will click away.

Deliver perspective

Home shoppers want perspective; they want to see where the house sits on the lot — not a close-up of the front door. The same applies inside – wider shots give more perspective of the home’s floor plan. It’s one of the reasons why interactive 3D digital tours from firms like Matterport, while admittedly more expensive, are popular with consumers as they offer an exceptional perspective throughout the home. Creating the perfect video tour to showcase a home can be a challenge, but with the right tools and tips, you can connect digitally with potential buyers who are interested in your listings.

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