Chair's Corner: 2021 WRA Convention

 Brad Lois  |    July 19, 2021
Chairman Corner

Dear WRA Member,

If we‚Äôve learned anything in the past 18 months, it‚Äôs that we should always expect the unexpected. 2021 has brought new hope, new togetherness and a sizzling hot real estate market to go with it! I hope you all will take an opportunity to CONNECT and ‚ÄúFind Your Strike Zone‚ÄĚ at the 2021 WRA Annual Convention this fall on October 4-6.

My entire career as a baseball player, I heard those words: ‚ÄúFind Your Strike Zone.‚ÄĚ Little did I know they would mean so much in various aspects of my life! As a pitcher, it meant I needed to control the game that I was pitching. The strike zone is defined, but how you pitch toward that strike zone is not. So often I would find myself complaining about the umpire not calling strikes, but rarely would I admit that it was me not throwing them! You have to find your niche, find your game and play to your strengths ‚Ķ no different than real estate!¬†

In today‚Äôs hot real estate market, I continually hear agents frustrated by the pace of the market, sellers being unreasonable with demands, agents not giving them a fair opportunity to show a new listing, or just plain upset that they didn‚Äôt get their offer accepted. We all need to take a deep breath and say to ourselves, ‚ÄúFind Your Strike Zone.‚ÄĚ Are you upset because you simply didn‚Äôt throw a good pitch? Your offer wasn‚Äôt strong enough? Are you working in a market you‚Äôre not as familiar or comfortable with?

Take a break, perhaps a seventh inning stretch, to join us in Milwaukee October 4-6 to reset and ‚ÄúFind Your Strike Zone.‚ÄĚ At the convention, you‚Äôll learn from some of the best in the business from all across the country. Our exciting keynote speakers, Major league pitcher Jim Abbott and real estate top producer Tommy Choi, will motivate you to face any obstacle and achieve a new level of success. And with 40+ workshops on the agenda with instructors like Bobbi Howe, Koki Adasi and Jef Conn, you‚Äôll learn new tactics to take the mound with confidence and throw out the perfect pitch. At the convention, you‚Äôre destined to find that pitch that you‚Äôll always feel confident throwing, so the next time you feel frustrated by this market, you know you‚Äôll have something to come back strong with!¬†

I‚Äôm looking forward to seeing all of you soon ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs been too long!¬†

Attend the 2021 WRA Annual Convention in Milwaukee and CONNECT October 4-6!

Brad Lois
2022 WRA Chair of the Board

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