REALTOR® Sales Tip: 4 Ways to Get More Listings This Summer

 Jo Ferraro  |    July 07, 2014

Let’s face it, for the REALTOR®, getting listings is like oxygen. It’s simply a must. And this summer looks to be a great time to get a lot of listings. 

A new survey by Edelman Berland of 2,500 American consumers between the ages of 25 and 64 who are looking to sell a home, found that a full 83 percent of real estate consumers are more committed to selling. Plus, 63 percent say they’re encouraged by the improving economy, and they believe buyers are more motivated following the difficult winter. 

But wait, there’s more: 88 percent of those surveyed realized that hiring a real estate professional is important to their home-selling success. Call me optimistic, but I believe the real estate market will continue to gain ground through the summer as more and more people realize that summer is a great time to move. 

So how do you capitalize during this hot summer stretch? Here are four ways to build up your listing inventory:

• Use current and accurate information: Sellers don’t care what the market did a year ago unless you’re comparing it to today. They want to know what the market looks like now and where it appears to be headed. The key is to present market data in a way that builds a sense of urgency. Psychologists claim that the last thing people want to do is lose something because they didn’t act in a timely way. Show your sellers, in no uncertain terms, what they could lose if they don’t sell their home. Make it difficult for your sellers to say “no” to staying in their home! But on a final note on data, make sure that the data you present and discuss with your clients is accurate. Beware of creating reports with information that may not be true.

• Use pictures and simple graphics: Everyone likes pictures. Why? Because they’re easy to grasp and they’re believable. The saying that a picture never lies is just as true as a picture being worth a 1,000 words. Whether it’s a lush backyard, a remodeled kitchen or how the old can appear new again, people like to see how their property compares in pictures. Show some of your past listings and what you did specifically to make them appeal to buyers. A photo can leave an imprint in the mind and illicit emotions, especially when you show the reactions of past clients — happy with your work!

• Use easy-to-understand data: Most people spend much of their days torturing their brain cells on difficult work. The last thing they need is another puzzle to solve. So take time to make your charts and graphs as simple as they can be without being condescending. For example, you’ll likely want to share your percentage of the average list price versus sales price, so do it in a way that a middle school student could understand after just a glance. Make sure your graphics focus on the net profit. Remember, clients always want to know what’s in it for them. Your stats should be able to show a seller, in hard numbers, why listing with you will put more money in their pocket.

• Use impressive branding: Ultimately, an effective listing presentation is branded to both the agent and the broker. Clients should never have to guess who’s offering them information. From an agent photo to contact information to a broker logo, proper branding can make the difference between a phone call and the recycle bin.

Jo Ferraro is a Madison-area REALTOR® with Century 21 Affiliated and is a coach and consultant of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc., an international consulting company specializing in performance coaching and the implementation of business systems for residential REALTORS®, mortgage brokers and real estate companies.

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