CityBlast Social Media Management

 Emily Zampardi  |    July 16, 2018
CityBlast Social Media Management

Having an "online presence" means so much more for REALTORS¬ģ today than simply having a website. An online social profile is paramount to reaching and connecting with today's consumers. But what happens after the social media accounts are activated and the profile(s) and business page(s) are complete? It's not enough to simply be¬†online. Sharing relevant, consistent, valuable content is absolutely vital to seeing social media success for your business and building your brand online.

Scouring the web for the best content can take a lot of time, and figuring out what to post and when can be overwhelming. Leave it to the experts. Put your social media posting on autopilot with CityBlast. CityBlast's team of live, U.S.-based "social experts" can essentially take over the task of posting to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so you can focus on your customers. Put your own stamp on the process by indicating the style and types of posts you want, and then sit back and watch as your social media "team" finds industry-specific, pertinent, local content to appeal to your followers and establish you as the local expert in real estate. Posts may include local real estate news, tips for buyers, mortgage news, home and garden projects, information about city living, listing showcases, investment advice and more.

  • Lead generation: Each post features your contact information as part of CityBlast's Branded Bar Prospect Generation Tool, and you receive a notification with each new lead.
  • Listing exposure: CityBlast not only promotes your new listings but also connects them with its network of real estate agents in your local area. Imagine if those agents share your listing ‚ÄĒ instant target marketing!
  • Unique to you: Choose from 15 types of real estate content style so that your social media posting is reflective of the most important part of your brand ‚ÄĒ you.

Beyond social media management, CityBlast also offers services to help with digital marketing and audience growth through PPC campaigns and hyper-local targeting.

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