roOomy Virtual Staging

 Emily Zampardi  |    July 23, 2018
roOomy Virtual Staging

Whether or not a home is properly staged significantly affects the way the market responds, which is why most REALTORS® begin focusing on the staging process immediately after getting a listing. Here are some stats about home staging:

  • Properties that are staged sell for 17 percent more and 87 percent faster on average than non-staged homes, according to Forbes.
  • More than 81 percent of buyers find it easier to visualize a staged property as their future home, according to NAR.

The inherent value of home staging is not in question. It's the "how" that can sometimes cause hesitation. Some properties are easier to stage, especially when there is little to do and the sellers willingly participate in the process. Other properties present a bit more challenge, for example, vacant properties or those with outdated décor, loads of clutter, uncooperative sellers or minimal furniture.

Every REALTOR® wants to showcase his or her listings in the best possible light prior to hitting the market, and home staging is often the best investment you can make. But professional home staging services are extremely costly and time consuming, which is one of the reasons virtual staging is becoming increasingly prevalent in the real estate industry.

A popular virtual staging service known as roOomy offers many of the same benefits of physically staging a property without the additional cost and hassle of bringing in real furniture and other home décor. The artistic professionals at roOmy take your digital interior photos of the listing and add furniture and other décor to create the staged look you want. If the property isn't vacant, the professionals can even digitally remove unwanted items from the image and replace with the style and pieces you prefer.

Beyond still photos, roOomy offers its own design apps and 3D web viewer technology for an even more enhanced visualization experience. And — coming soon — roOomy is going to unveil technology, roOomy Ready, that makes the virtually staged photos interactive and shoppable — all right from an agent's website! This means website visitors will be able to enjoy interactive, 3D views of each room and, if they like the way it is staged, they can even purchase the décor and furniture with a single click.

Pricing is on a per-room basis, and starts at just under $100 per room. Sell your listings faster and for top dollar by showing buyers the home's potential, giving them added confidence in their purchase. Learn more at

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