Tekit Roll-up Portable Keyboard

 Emily Zampardi  |    June 29, 2016
Tekit¬ģ Roll-Up Portable Keyboard - article size

Anything that makes doing business on-the-go is a winner for most REALTORS¬ģ. Whether you are in your car, at a coffee shop with clients, holding an open house or showing homes, the ability to effectively and efficiently conduct business when you are away from your desk can be a game changer in the nonstop, deadline-driven real estate industry. And while mobile devices provide nearly all the tools needed to communicate and stay on top of day to day tasks, typing that goes beyond a short text message can be both time consuming and tedious.

Tekit's Ip67 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is the perfect companion for your smartphone or tablet. It's made of silicone material that is flexible, waterproof and washable, and offers wireless Bluetooth connection, making it easy to do what you need to do no matter where you are. The keyboard design is an extended QWERTY format and includes a number pad, making it far more user-friendly than some other similar keyboards on the market today. And the best part is ‚ÄĒ it rolls up for super easy portability!

Other key features include:

  • Compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Durable, dustproof and washable.
  • Keyboard offers quiet, fast and precise keystrokes.
  • Foldable and is easy to carry; rolls up to a size of 13x8 cm.
  • Lightweight (165g) design.
  • Can fully charge within a few hours.
  • Up to 30 days of stand-by time between charges.
  • Available from retailers, including Amazon, for around $30.
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