Centriq Provides Buyers with the Ultimate User Guide

 Emily Zampardi  |    July 01, 2018

After a closing, most buyers have lingering questions about their new home: How does the irrigation system work? Where can I find new water filters for the refrigerator? Where is the owner's manual for the dishwasher? Transferring all of this information from the sellers to the buyers can be complicated, and often the buyers still end up reaching out to the listing agent or the sellers themselves with questions about the home after the transaction is complete.

Centriq is an amazing tool that builds a customized "ultimate user guide" for a home by creating a digital inventory of all of the home's components, from appliances and electronics to security systems and office equipment, including comprehensive user information.

It works like this: take a picture of the sticker showing the make and model numbers on the item you wish to add. Next, identify the item from a list of categories. Within 24 hours, Centriq will then automatically send the available digital support content for that item, including manuals, trouble-shooting guides, how-to videos and a list of replacement supplies and parts and links to order them. If the item is a recent purchase, you can also upload a picture of the receipt.

In the end, you are left with a complete digital guide for the property to hand off to the new homeowners when they take possession. Your sellers will love it because it saves them time and aggravation locating all of the information themselves -- or dealing with the buyers' questions after the sale --  as well as adding value for the buyers, which helps to make the transaction go more smoothly. The buyers will really appreciate having so much helpful information about their home as they move in. And, since the app will be branded with your contact information, you will be remain top of mind with them and potentially earn the listing when they decide to sell someday.

This app isn't just for listings. It's also an excellent value-added service to provide for your buyer clients. Simply snap the photos while you are touring their soon-to-be home or during one of the walk-throughs, and pass off a comprehensive home guide to them at closing!

Setting up an account is easy, and use of the app for unlimited clients is free for the first 12 months. After that, the annual cost is $395. Visit www.mycentriq.com/realtors to learn more.

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