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 Emily Zampardi  |    January 01, 0001
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If real estate listings have three key factors (location, location, location), then the same is true for real estate marketing (local, local, local). If you're a REALTOR, getting the word out about your services to anyone and everyone, with the exception of referral networking, is not a very efficient way to promote your business. REALTORS® need to concentrate their marketing efforts on local, target audiences to increase the effectiveness and attract the most potential clients and/or buyers.

For years, Facebook has offered agents a relatively inexpensive digital platform to increase their local visibility on social media. However, recent changes in algorithms and philosophy have made it increasingly difficult to ensure your message reaches your targeted audience. Nextdoor is a neighborhood-based app designed to aid in communication, networking and connections within specific areas of a community.

To join a neighborhood within the app, a would-be member must first provide their name and address. Once the company has verified that they indeed reside within the neighborhood they are trying to join, they are accepted as a member an can begin to use the features of the app, including:

  • Personal messaging: send a personal message to any other member of the group, with one touch.
  • Post items for sale: post household or personal items for sale (or free) for your neighbors to see.
  • Offer or request services: post messages (similar to Facebook) announcing services available (lawn mowing, pet sitting, etc.) or request services.
  • Post or view recommendations: recommend a local service provider or business to your neighbors, or check out who or what your neighbors are recommending.
  • View all members' names and addresses.

As a REALTOR®, what are some ways to use this app to your advantage? Since the app is not yet saturated with local professionals (like Facebook), and because the other members are your own neighbors, you have a unique opportunity to establish yourself as the go-to REALTOR® for your neighborhood and immediate surrounding area.

  • Share  information about your services and listings (including photos and web links).
  • Post events (like an open house) to create interest and generate new leads.
  • Connect directly with your neighbors by sending personalized direct mail pieces or private messages.
  • Request recommendations and even offer recommendations for other nearby service providers, setting yourself up as a local resource while growing a potential referral network.

And, because only those who actually reside within your particular neighborhood will be allowed to join your group, you may very likely have exclusivity!

Right now, the app is still free to join. Visit for more information or to create your free account.

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