The Best of the Tech Helpline: Scan and Create PDFs with Your Phone

 June 07, 2020

In the past, sending photos and documents from a remote location meant spending time in front of a fax machine. If you still have a fax machine, it’s likely collecting dust nowadays! But in the mobile age, sending photos and documents can be done on your smartphone through text or email. And today, you can turn just about any image or document into an Adobe Portable Document Format, or PDF. With a simple smartphone app, you can teach your clients to do the same.

A variety of scanner apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Check out these three real estate-friendly options.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a highly acclaimed scanner app that allows you to digitize your photos on the go. Genius Scan’s algorithm auto-detects the document you are taking a shot of, corrects any perspective distortions, and automatically shoots the photo of the document without having to press a button. You can then turn your photo into a PDF ready to send it to a client. In addition, you can export the PDF you create by emailing to the client or yourself, or you can save the PDF to the cloud, such as Google Drive.


The highly rated PDFelement app converts your photos into PDFs on your smart device easily. This scanner app not only lets you to snap photos of documents for conversion, but also allows you to take images from your photo album and transition them into PDFs. Plus, the PDF files you create on this app have an Optical Code Reader, so the text inside the PDF can be exported for use in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more.


Considered to be the most advanced PDF scanner app, Scanbot is easy to use and available for free. This app utilizes advanced scanning technology via auto-optimization, blur-reduction and various color modes, helping you to scan and convert quickly. Scanbot also allows you to send your documents as a fax or email right from the app itself. Also, Scanbot comes with options for editing, cropping and filtering your scan however you see fit, along with being able to save the scan for later use with just one tap of a button.

Bottom Line

When you’re working remotely or on the go, you need a scanning app that can help you create PDFs. Since these apps have free versions, it’s easy to try them all out and find out which one you prefer. And remember, if you have any questions or challenges with your smartphone, the Tech Helpline is only just a chat, text or call away!

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