See Internet Availability and Maximize Value with Fiber Homes

 June 06, 2022
See Internet Availability

Quality of life, more house for the money, beautiful communities … these are just a few of the motivations Wisconsin REALTORS® hear from clients who are either moving into or within our great state. And with a pandemic-fueled surge of remote work, more relocators than ever are seeking new homes in Wisconsin.

We have all those advantages of small-town and suburban life, and even our largest markets don’t look large to those wanting to upgrade their lifestyles by leaving expensive, massive metros. 

Whether these potential clients are moving in state or cross country, the one thing they cannot be expected to leave behind is reliable high-speed broadband service. That’s a critical piece of infrastructure that’s quickly become as essential as water and electricity to many households, and it’s particularly imperative to those who work from home.

Modern homeowners demand fiber for reliable internet 

When it comes to internet technology, nothing beats fiber broadband. Fiber outpaces traditional copper cable internet based on speed, reliability, cost, scalability and durability. Building out fiber-based broadband service is an infrastructure priority nationwide, but it’s also still a work in progress in many places. 

Currently, the availability of this top-of-the-line digital service — essential for everyday work, school, entertainment and gaming — is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood proposition that can be hard to track.

How can a REALTOR® keep up? There’s been no resource available to agents and brokers to easily and accurately find out where fiber broadband is available. Until now.

A resource for keeping up with fiber broadband availability 

The Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) has partnered with Fiber Homes to provide the WRA a way to make this information easily accessible to real estate professionals, associations and MLSs across the state.  

Fiber Homes provides information on internet availability at any address and certifies homes with top-of-the-line access as Fiber Homes. Getting data directly from Wisconsin broadband providers, Fiber Homes is rapidly expanding its available data and makes the information available to the real estate industry via the free Fiber Homes Pro portal. 

This user-friendly tool allows agents and brokers to quickly determine if fiber broadband is available at a specific property, and if not, what the best existing options might be for internet service. The WSTA-Fiber Homes partnership provides access to this information to any REALTOR®, completely free. Simply create an account at to start searching addresses.

Having this information means that no real estate professional is at a disadvantage when it comes to advising clients, whether it’s helping buyers find the right home for their needs or helping sellers realize the full value that a fiber connection brings to a house or commercial property. 

The benefits for REALTORS® don’t stop there. Agents and brokers who register for the service will also:

  • Be able to easily pass on information about speeds, pricing and exclusive new mover promos to their clients.
  • Have access to educational and marketing materials about the benefits of fiber internet to help boost the value of their listing.

Help your business, your clients and your community 

The rollout of fiber-based internet across America is having wide-ranging impacts by bridging the digital divide between rural areas, small towns and big cities. Fiber internet providers ensure the availability of high-speed broadband and the 5G wireless networks that broadband supports in homes, schools and businesses.

Sustaining and building local economies is dependent on this availability. Businesses and families often won’t move where top-shelf broadband digital service is not available. Fortunately, Wisconsin is at the forefront of this digital revolution. 

Just six years ago, only 7% of the state had access to fiber internet. Now that’s 25% and growing fast. An estimated $1 billion in state and federal funds will be committed to fiber rollout in Wisconsin in the next five years. That commitment will be joined by local governments and private provider investment to power this rising tide of the best of digital connectivity.

Now, with the Fiber Homes portal, REALTORS® don’t need to wonder if that property they’re marketing for a buyer or to a seller has access to this must-have service. They just need to go to

For more information about this exciting new development, contact Bill Esbeck of WSTA at, or visit

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