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Line by Line Forms Training

 June 01, 2023

Are you tired of dealing with drafting errors that lead to transaction delays? Look no further than the WRA’s Line by Line online video series to get back on track to speedy and smooth closings. With Line by Line training, you’ll be ready to draft forms with confidence and conduct a smooth closing! The best part? Line by Line is completely free with WRA membership. That’s right, as long as you are a WRA REALTOR® member or legal section member, you have free access to the most comprehensive WB forms training in all of Wisconsin.

With Line by Line, you have access to hours of online training, hosted by WRA Attorney and Director of Training Jennifer Lindsley, providing in-depth walk-throughs of the WB forms used in your transactions. By improving your understanding of forms, you’re also helping to elevate the entire industry by raising the bar of professionalism and enhancing consumer protection. 

Forms included in Line by Line

  • WB-1 Residential Listing Contract
  • WB-2 Farm Listing Contract and WB-42 Amendment to Listing
  • WB-3 Vacant Land Listing Contract
  • WB-4 Residential Condominium Listing Contract
  • WB-5 Commercial Listing Contract
  • WB-6 Business Listing Contract — Exclusive Right to Sell
  • WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase
  • WB-12 Farm Offer to Purchase
  • WB-13 Vacant Land Offer to Purchase
  • WB-14 Condominium Offer to Purchase
  • WB-15 Commercial Offer to Purchase
  • WB-16 Offer to Purchase — Business with Real Estate Interest
  • WB-17 Offer to Purchase — Business Without Real Estate Interest
  • WB-24 Option to Purchase
  • WB-28 Cooperative Agreement
  • WB-35 Simultaneous Exchange Agreement
  • WB-36 Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation Agreement
  • WB-37 Residential Listing Contract — Exclusive Right to Rent
  • WB-38 and WB-47 Commercial Buyer Agency/Tenant Forms

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