WRA Board Endorses Gov. Scott Walker

 Steve Lane  |    June 05, 2014

For the third time in five years, the WRA board of directors voted to endorse Scott Walker for Governor and Rebecca Kleefisch for Lieutenant Governor in the 2014 gubernatorial election on November 4. The board’s unanimous decision followed unanimous recommendations from the WRA Political Strategy Group and the trustees of the REALTORS® Political Action Committee.
The WRA board is proud to endorse Gov. Walker for his continued support on a wide variety of REALTOR® issues.

The Walker record

In 2010, the WRA board examined Scott Walker’s record on his positions as a legislator and as Milwaukee County Executive. The board voted to endorse him for several good reasons:

  • Scott Walker supported REALTOR® issues for over 17 years as a State Assembly Representative and County Executive.
  • Walker’s 91-percent voting record on REALTOR® issues while serving in the legislature.
  • Walker’s stated support for the following issues: 
    • No sales tax on real estate commissions and commercial leases.
    • No increase in the real estate transfer tax.
    • Making the DNR more accountable to the public.
    • Property tax relief

On all these issues and more, Gov. Walker has kept his promises. As governor, Walker has strongly supported REALTORS® and homeowners on a wide range of issues over the last four years. In total, Gov. Walker has signed into law 46 of the WRA's legislative priorities, including:

  • Eliminating the farmland conversion fee.
  • Implementing the health savings account tax credit.
  • Updating landlord/tenant regulations.
  • Reforming wetland regulation.
  • Reforming development moratoria.
  • Grandfathering existing piers for waterfront property owners.
  • Protecting non-conforming structures and substandard lots.
  • Updating shoreland zoning regulations.
  • Modifying municipal utility regulations.
  • Establishing state preemption of local real estate regulations and fees.
  • Passing the broker experience requirement law.
  • Regulating out-of-state real estate licensees.

In addition to the aforementioned priorities, Gov. Walker has also accomplished the following:

  • Eliminated a $3.6 billion state budget deficit without raising taxes.
  • Cut property taxes by $506 million.
  • Promised no property tax increases over the next four years.
  • Appointed REALTOR® members to key positions in state government.

Members overwhelmingly support Walker

In March 2014, the WRA sponsored a professional survey of all 13,000 WRA members to determine their preference in the 2014 governor’s race. The result was an overwhelming preference for Gov. Walker. The survey results are below:

Question: “Do you believe that Scott Walker has performed his job as Governor well enough to deserve re-election, or do you believe it is time for change and a new person to be elected?”

  • Re-elect Walker: 71%
  • New person: 29%

Question: “If the election for Governor here in Wisconsin were being held today, for whom would you vote if the election were between Scott Walker, Republican, and Mary Burke, Democrat?

  • Walker: 70%
  • Burke: 22%

Question: “Generally speaking, would you say that things here in Wisconsin are going in the right direction, or have they gone down the wrong track?”

  • Right direction: 79%
  • Wrong direction: 21%

Question: “Now thinking of the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association, should the WRA endorse a candidate in the Governor’s election?”

  • Endorse: 73%
  • Do not endorse: 27%

The WRA board’s unanimous decision to support Gov. Walker was not difficult. Scott Walker’s record, going back 21 years, is exemplary on real estate issues. In fact, Gov. Walker told REALTORS® before his first successful gubernatorial election in 2010 that as governor, his top priority would be helping the private sector create jobs by lowering taxes, reducing regulations, ending frivolous lawsuits, improving education, lowering health care costs and investing in infrastructure. He added, “I also look forward to working with Wisconsin REALTORS® to develop policies controlling property taxes, fighting any increases in the real estate transfer fee and reforming municipal impact fees. Working together, I know we can revitalize Wisconsin’s housing and real estate industries.”

We’ve made real progress on all these real estate and economic issues, and that is why the WRA board of directors voted once again to endorse Gov. Scott Walker.

Steve Lane is the 2013-2014 Wisconsin REALTORS® Association's Chairman of the Board.

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