Five Ways to Keep Summer Sales Sizzling

 Bob Corcoran  |    June 08, 2016

It‚Äôs one of the most common questions I hear from agents and brokers this time of year: Summer can be such a downer for sales. How can I keep my sales numbers up during June, July and August? Families are so busy during the summer that they put off selling their home until the fall. Everyone‚Äôs going on vacation, kids are out of school and need attention, and there are so many summer activities ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs just too much to compete with.¬†

One word: Baloney!

To me, this is a perfect example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think that‚Äôs the way it is, then that‚Äôs the way it is, no matter what the facts say. But if you‚Äôre a REALTOR¬ģ who likes to operate based on facts, keep reading.¬†

June is the big month for closed sales in Wisconsin. Summer is the biggest season, and the four-month period between May and August represents the strongest four-month period of the year. According to Marquette University economist Dr. David Clark, who analyzes Wisconsin housing data for the WRA’s monthly home sales reports, June typically accounts for 11.5 percent of annual housing sales. The summer usually accounts for 32 percent of sales, and the four-month period between May and August typically accounts for 42 percent of all home sales. Wisconsin real estate has already experienced a good start to the year, and the market is carrying momentum into the all-important summer selling season. 

So drop the baloney, the excuses and the self-fulfilling prophecies and apply these five tips to add some serious sizzle to your summer sales.

Get a jump on the competition: Explain to prospective sellers that right now they’re on the cusp of prime selling and buying season. If they list now, they’ll beat the competition to the punch and avoid the glut of summer. Those who list early have more time to bask in the spotlight.

Create a sense of urgency: This is a nice segue from the first tip. If there‚Äôs one thing consumers hate, it‚Äôs to lose out on a deal. Remember this phrase: time is running out. I love that phrase because it gets people‚Äôs attention and makes their inner buying alarm go off ‚ÄĒ and best of all, it gets the phone ringing.

Think outside in: When staging homes in the summer, think about the outside first to draw in prospective buyers. Highlight the outdoor spaces and make them as appealing as you can. Maybe your listing has a nice deck, a large backyard or a pool ‚ÄĒ push these items. Needless to say, the large pool is a little difficult to showcase in January in Wisconsin! Set up scenarios where buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the outdoors. And of course spruce up the landscaping with a freshly mowed lawn and colorful flower beds.¬†

Commit to get outside: Summer is the time to say goodbye to your desk for a while. Everyone is out and about, and you should be there with them. Walk through your farm area with a report of home values while you visit yard sales and other special summer events, such as swim meets, softball games or socials. Consider sponsoring a local youth sports team or organize a workshop. And what about hosting a summer appreciation party/barbecue/picnic to bring past clients and others together at a local park? 

Stay focused on what brings in business: The four activities you should always concentrate on are these: list, sell, prospect and negotiate. If any other tasks other than these four tasks are taking up your time, then delegate them. And if you don’t have someone to delegate to, get someone. It’ll be money well spent. Also, plan your next day before you leave the office; this puts something on your plate to immediately start working on when you come in the next day.

Bob Corcoran is a nationally recognized leader, speaker and author, and is CEO of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc., an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into real estate companies, mortgage companies and small businesses. 

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