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 Emily Zampardi  |    March 08, 2017
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One of the biggest challenges for real estate team leaders or brokers is finding and recruiting qualified agents and other team members. There are plenty of job sites out there where you can advertise an open position, but most are quite costly, and few have the ability to target the exact pool of candidates you want to reach. In addition to the many other new initiatives Facebook has rolled out in the past year, a new job posting feature is now available for business pages.

You will need a Facebook business page to use this feature — if your team or brokerage already has one, then you're all set. If not, it might be worth exploring whether having a business page on Facebook makes sense for you. You must also have a business page to do any Facebook advertising — another highly effective marketing tool for REALTORS®.

Once you have your business page set up, the job posting feature will appear as a tab in the left-hand sidebar of your main page. To post an open position, simply click on the "jobs" link in the sidebar and a window will open up allowing you to fill in form fields providing information about the job, such as title, full/part-time, compensation and description. You can also upload an image to be displayed as part of the job posting or keep the default image, which is the cover image of your business page.

Once submitted, the post will appear as a job posting on your business page news feed as well as under the "jobs" tab. It will also appear in news feeds of those who follow your page, just like any other post. To reach a larger and/or more specific audience, you can boost the post.

Job seekers can apply by simply clicking on "apply now." When they do that, a new window opens within Facebook where they can enter their contact information — much of which will automatically be filled in — as well as relevant education and experience. Applicants will also be given up to 1,000 characters to introduce themselves, express their interest and explain their qualifications. There is no way for them to upload a resume at this point. Once completed, the entire form will be sent to your business page via Facebook Messenger, so you will need to make sure this feature is turned on within your page settings.

Advertising an open position on Facebook is an inexpensive way to reach lots of potentially targeted local candidates, many of whom may not even be actively searching for a job. It's a great way to get in front of a wider audience and attract a bigger pool of candidates.

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